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                FIDO'S  FEEDBACK


If you wish to submit feedback about your experience at DIA Dog Club, then click the button below or email us at sandy@diadogclub.com:
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Thank you for allowing Andrew and I to visit your facility with our dog Rex. Your hospitality and    concern for dogs was very evident and puts dogs and people at ease.  We appreciate the separation of the small and senior dogs from the large and rambunctious spirited animals.
The facility has a sense of a working enterprise for each and every dog, and the special attention that each receives in their respective run and suite kennel, by you, is a perfect compliment to the layout of the facility for allowing play and quiet time as needed. Your insights and concern for each dog is evident and cherished.  We had planned on bringing Rex by today to begin a stay at the DIA DOG CLUB, however our oldest son has chosen to not accompany us on our trip and will be with Rex. Your services, environment and staff are in a dog sense, superior to other facilities. Rex left willingly but was calm when we left and remained calm for the trip home. Allowing him to get a sense of his co-boarders after they had already scented Andrew and I was very perceptive and not offered by the other facility we visited. Your genuine concern for all "Babies" is evident and speaks highly of your dedication and valuing of dogs.

I have already recommended you to several people, and anticipate we will definitely engage your services in the future.

Best wishes for continued success!


J. Moeller

Thanks again for the outstanding care that you gave our pets at your kennel! It felt really great not to worry while we were away, and our pets seemed the most relaxed and happy that they ever were from a boarding facility. I can't even call it a boarding facility; it was more like a doggie spa in the mountains! I will spread the word about your wonderful, caring place, and will be returning sooner than later. It is so refreshing to see people who really understand and love dogs. Thanks again for taking the time to meet their specific needs and get to know their quirky personalities.

          Aloha, L. Hodl & G. Jorgensen                

Just  wanted to  say  how  much  I  appreciated  what  amazing  care  you  took  of  my  dogs....I   have  told  so  many  people  about  your  facility.   My  dogs  mean  everything  to  me  and  I  can't  imagine  a  better  place  for  them....e-mailing  me  their  photos  playing  when  I  was  so  far  away  was  such  a  nice  touch!   Yours  is  the  only  place  I  will  ever  use  ......thanks  again  C.  Risoli


Hayley is looking forward to her next visit at DIA dog club.  I was very impressed with the treatment she received when she was there over the holidays.  I have mentioned to many people how pleased I was  with the valet service to the airport and especially how you took extra care to make sure Hayley was with other dogs that she got along with since this was her first visit to a kennel. Thanks again for good memories of Hayley's trip away from home.

J. Straayer

I highly recommend DIA Dog Club for boarding your dog. Since its recent opening, DIA dog club has managed to win the heart of not only my dog, but me as well. When I leave my dog there I know he is being taken care of by some of the best staff I have seen in a long time. As a student attending school to become a veterinary technician, I am very cautious when it comes to boarding facilities. I have been to many boarding facilities in the area and none of them compare to DIA Dog Club.

After touring the facility and talking with the staff, I felt very safe leaving my pet in their care. The staff is very friendly and attentive to my pets needs. They go above and beyond when it comes to caring for animals and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a safe and fun place for their pet.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


J. Etkin (Jetkin84@Yahoo.com)  

Owner Name : J. Comer
Dog's Name :  Montana

We have had a difficult time in finding a kennel and a groomer for our Collie. Even though there are many       services available it is hard to find anyone you can truly trust who will care for your dog, and make his stay an enjoyable visit. With Sandy and DIA Dog Club we know our pet is in loving and caring hands. After leaving Montana at one Kennel and a few days later at a groomer, he would back down and run to the backyard when holding his food bowl in front of him, or his can of food so that he could smell it. I don't know what happened to him to cause him to fear his food containers when holding them in front of him. But he will never go back to that kennel, or that groomer.

While on vacation we called Sandy to find out how Montana was doing, she not only told us how much fun he was having, but gave us details, which shows DIA Dog Club shows your pet attention and takes notice of how he's doing. This gave us great comfort knowing Montana was in good hands, because he is a valued family member. He has a loving personality that should never be suppressed because of abuse, even in if it is minor. When we picked Montana up on his day to come home, he went up to Sandy as if she owned him. You can tell he was shown personal attention, care and love. I highly recommend Sandy and DIA Dog Club. As we travel often, Montana's vacation will be spent at DIA Dog Club.

This has been a wonderful and easy experience with trusting DIA Dog Club with my baby. The facility is well equipped and has much to offer for the anxious pup plus you and your staff are so incredible.
I have been very pleased with the service and friendliness of this place and will continue to bring my baby back any time I go away.

Thank you so much!
K. Speer
Centennial, CO

Please pass on my thanks to your staff ?you guys really put me at ease leaving Kayle and Chase.  Iím not sure what they did, but they are utterly exhausted.  Kayle has moved once to go outside and Chase accepted a bath with his eyes half shut and then went back to sleep.  Thanks for accommodating an extra day as well.  I may be in touch as winter storms approach as my job may require me to stay within the building. 

Hereís two candid canineís of a weekend away.

J. Thielke 

Hey Sandy,

I was having a chat with Alice & Jack yesterday and they asked me when they were going to get to go hang out with Miss Sandy! I told them it would be soon and you should have seem them - wiggling all over the place! They love "the club" and especially like to meet new friends every time they visit.

Being the picky Mom that I am, I am so delighted that I discovered DIA Dog Club because I know that I never have to be worried about anything. YOU are the best!

W. Todd

Sandy - I can't believe I haven't done this sooner. We've taken Lady to DIA Dog Club numerous times since we discovered it and she loves to visit "Aunt Sandy." She gets excited when we get close - is quite willing to take off and start her adventures before we've even left the parking lot - and barely says "bye" to us! It's obvious she's well-loved and taken care of while we're gone and we don't worry for a minute. Without a doubt, we know she's well taken care of and happy - and not just a "paycheck" like some kennels believe. We thank you so much for taking such good care of our little one!

Mark & Nancy

Doggie Haven

Posted by sandiego on 2007/11/30

So glad I found DIA Dog Club. The staff is exceptional with my dog. She had never been boarded and was scared of her own shadow. The staff worked with her during her stay so that when I picked her up she was playing with all the other dogs and had loving kisses for all when it came time to say goodbye. She is much better when we go to dog parks now and seems to enjoy her time much more

Happy Dogs

Posted by doglover on 2007/08/20

It's dog heaven! My dogs love to roam and play in all the space. They come home exhausted but happy. When we get close to DIA Dog Club the dogs can't wait to get out. I have labs and cattle dogs and I've never found a better place for them.

Best Doggie Daycare in Denver

reviewed by: sandiego on: Nov 30, 2007

I have used this facility to board my dogs many times over the last year and would recommend DIA Dog Club to everyone who needs a clean and caring place to care for their animals. Very accommodating to my special requests. They definitely will be my first choice each and every time I need boarding and they really are close to DIA!

How Awesome

reviewed by: BC151Morgan on: Sep 10, 2007

All the services you offer are amazing. What a great way to pamper your pooch!!

Owner Name : Brian K.
Dog's Name : Manny

I meant to get a letter in much sooner, but wanted to say that we are very happy with the experience Manny had on his vacation a few weeks ago. We are soooo happy that you brought Lon and his crew aboard. He has been great with Manny, and allows us to feel much more at ease when dropping him off at camp. We are so happy to have found such a good environment for the dogs to run around in a "fun" environment as opposed to be locked up in a small area all day. I know Manny really likes it there, and is looking forward to spending more time with you.

Owner Name : C. Sahm
Dog's Name : Ella

Hi Sandy and team,
Ella and the three of us would like to send a big THANK YOU your way. This was a great experience for all of us. Ella must have had a great time @ your dog paradise because she is still tired from all the playing. You really took great care of her and allowed us to have a worry free vacation. Everything from the reservation to the pick up was organized well and made it just sooo much more convenient for us. Now we can go on vacations more often because we finally found a fantastic place for Ella to stay. So, be ready, Ella will visit you again.

P.S. Thanks for giving Ella a bath. She looked, felt, and smelled great when we picked her up.

Hi Sandy,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our (2 dogs) recent stay at DIA Dog Club this weekend!  We were hesitant to try a new kennel for two reasons.  We were starting to see our dogs were not being exercised and well cared for at our last boarders, and our older dog, Bailey has grown grumpy in her older years.  My husband was more than a little surprised to see Bailey socializing with other dogs when he picked them up today.  He has grown accustomed to the dogs running up to him ready to escape the kennel when he picks them up.  Today, he felt they probably rather stay and dip in the pool.  In the past, we had to bathe the dogs as soon as we got them home from the kennel...not today!
As for Rocky, we know your staff experienced his endless energy.  But he has been asleep since returning home.  We know he had plenty of play time these past few days.
We just wanted to thank you for the great care they received at your facility!  It's really great to find a place we know they will be well cared for while we are away.
Thanks again,
Nancy & Andy

Hi Sandy!!

I have spoken to you on the phone a few times about my dog Rocky and my husband is bringing him to you on Tuesday at 2:00.  I brought him in for a day of play last week and was SO THRILLED with the whole experience that he had and we had.  Your dog club is beautiful and the people that we met are very special.  Thank you for putting my mind at ease while we are away for three weeks.  I spoke to Lon about Rocky and think that Rocky will do very well there.  Because I am not able to be there when my husband drops Rocky off.  I just wanted to touch base with you and just say "thank you" for everything.  


Wow! I have to say I'm very pleased, & I am very difficult to please!  Great Danes are very delicate dogs -- despite their size -- sensitive & affectionate, needing a lot of one-on-one time with their humans. Garrett actually came home looking good, a first!

When we would board him in the past, he wouldn't eat & lost so much weight his bones stuck out. Emaciation on a Dane is a very dangerous problem because they are so lean to begin with. He seemed happy and only mildly anxious, another first! He usually becomes very anxious whenever we board him & then has to be reassured for a couple of weeks following what was a horrible experience.

Jessy is our little puppy, very sensitive & shy, who hasn't had the excellent socialization we were able to give to Garrett. She did very well, too! She was my shadow for two days after she came back home, but didn't seem particularly anxious or stressed. Given the good experience @ boarding, I hope to have both dogs attend play care 1 or 2 days a week. Thank y'all so much for the care & attention you gave Garrett & Jessy!

Mike & I are very pleased!

Hi Sandy,

First off, I would like to say that you were just one of the nicest people that I have spoken to on the phone. I had no major concerns about the care that your facility might provide for my two dogs, but you just made me all the more comfortable! Thank you so much!

As I mentioned, your facility appealed to me because of the size, and the fact that the dogs are not cooped up all day with minimal recreation time. Herding dogs would go nuts in an environment such as that, and I know my Ellis most definitely would! She is in constant need of stimulation, and appreciates it! 

Also, attached is a picture of my girls, so that your facility can get a taste of how cute they are before we come in, ha ha.

Thank you,

 Since we found DIA Dog Club it is the first time we have ever felt comfortable leaving our babies
 when we go out of town.  We are just so thrilled to have found a second home away from home
 for Caesar and Zoey in DIA Dog Club.  Thanks to you and your staff for being so wonderful with
 them - we appreciate it more than you know!  *See you in November!

 Very sincerely,

 D. and W. Paini

To Sandy and the rest of the "pack":

Thank you SO much for welcoming Winston to DIA Dog Club. He (and I) were so nervous about his first stay but I could not have asked for better service or professionalism. He was healthy and happy when I picked him up and I am so happy to have found the perfect "home away from home".

Thanks again! Jamie & Winston

Danny and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you do in taking care of Stella. We know that when we are away she has a safe and fun place to stay. Every time we make our way up the driveway she gets excited and knows she is in store for another fun vacation. You could not put our minds more at ease knowing our baby is in safe hands. Thank you again!

B. and D. Rhame

Awesome facility, Jedi and Lexy enjoyed playing with all the other dogs and I love the staff. I felt at ease leaving them with responsible people. First day and they had so much fun and were so tired they lay down to eat their dinner. It really helped them with their shyness and I will be bringing them on occasion for play dates. Absolutely very impressed with the cleanliness of the place as I believe in clean surroundings. Thank you for taking such good care of my babies.




                 22351 E. Bayaud Ave., Aurora, CO, 80018
                 6th Pkwy. & E-470
(Big Red Dog House)
                 303-344-3647 -- Fax # 720-207-6889






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